Joe McIntyre


A lifelong computing enthusiast, Joe has created architectures and designed software products for the computing, telecommunications and utility industries.

On Software Architecture

Designing novel software systems to solve difficult problems, and illuminate new areas to research, is the joy of software architecture. A new project should inspire new avenues of thought, and at the end leave a touch of disappointment that some interesting paths have not yet been explored.

This desire to further explore is the source of innovation to realize the potential of evolving software beyond its initial responsibilities, into the creative realm of the imagination.

Projects on GitHub

Using JSON Schema is a book and GitHub project that introduces JSON Schema and the many ways it can be used in programs. Programs are provided in Javascript (using Node.js) and Python, showing how the technology can be utilized across programming languages. The book is available on the Apple iBookstore, or from the book web site

The PDF Finish project provides a utility to polish PDF documents by adding metadata, and generating the navigation table of contents for online PDF readers. Many tools do not cover all the metadata options (like subject and keywords) that are useful for searching, and may not provide the level of granularity desired for the table of contents navigation function. This project uses Java, and includes Maven support.